Sunday, December 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty Ruffles Feathers

Just had to weigh in on Phil Robertson's  comments in GQ recently and the uproar.  Really?

1st: What does anyone care how Phil Robertson (or any other celebrity) feels about any political or social issue?  The world is not going to stop revolving or keep moving forward because of his feelings, right or wrong, about anything. Period! He's entitled to his opinion and the right to express it as well as others to contradict him.

2nd: He is "old south" plain and simple.  I talked about it in a previous blog dealing with Paul Dean. I've lived here many years and studied the culture. This is how the older generation in the south was brought up to believe.   Sure, it seems that Phil and others like him have dug a hole and buried themselves in archaic beliefs.  But that's the way it is and we're probably not going to change it.  I can tell the story of of an ex mother in law (God rest her soul) and my attempts to change her attitudes but I won't bore you.  Quite simply, it didn't work and nothing I could say or do made a difference.  All I could teach my child was to say, "that's nanny".  Accept it and move on.

3rd: His comments are a reminder of the past.  Let's not forget the old adage about those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it;  Having grown up in the north and not exposed to many of the attitudes and wrong doings, we must learn that these attitudes are real to some people. Real to those who grew up in the early days of the 20th Century.   Let's not make the same mistake with future generations.

4th:  I have been a Duck Dynasty fan from the first show.  It is entertaining to me, quaint and just plain fun.  On the baddest of days, they find a way to make me laugh and realize that we can take life too seriously sometimes. Even though I don't agree with all of Phil's beliefs I accept the show for what it is and will continue to watch.

BTW: I just saw where the A&E suspension was pretty much a show. He will return quietly in January as scheduled.

Finally, prejudice is not something we are born with but taught.  Martin Luther King's dream will probably not be a reality in my lifetime.  I can only hope we teach the next generations learn the ways of tolerance and trust of each other.  One's skin color doesn't make or break a person but what's inside.

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