Monday, April 22, 2013

What a day I had yesterday!  It started out rough by getting up late then finding the SUV wouldn't start as I am rushing to get to work on time.  I had left an inverter plugged in and ran down the battery.  Drat (not exactly what I said but cleaned up here.  LOL!)  So I run to the pickup (an old Ford Ranger that I just can't seem to part with) to jump it off only to find that it's battery was dead as well.  Seems someone left the inside light on.  Sigh....  Thank goodness Cass' car was nearby and I did make it to work on time.

The real reason I bring this up is that in the process of jumping off the truck, I put my phone down on the front seat of Cass' car and left it there.  It's the first time in many years that I was without it for ANY length of time.  Now I have to ask, how did I ever live without it?  I felt almost naked and so disconnected!  I know I give the kids such a hard time about how addicted they are and need to get a life.  Now I find myself in the same position.

Ok, the kids spend their time playing games, watching videos and chatting with friends where I use my time on the phone productively keeping up with the news, stock market, gas prices, race news and yes, I play a game or two.  Seems I'm just as addicted!  I just justify it in my own way.  Seems all of us need to get a life, ya think?  As I step back, I need to spend more time with real people interaction as I find I spend more and more time on this blasted thing!

Note: I did not drive the truck enough to charge the battery on the way to work and had to jump it off  again before I came home.  LOL!  Way to cap off a great day!

Ok, I have to answer the phone (ok, my resolve to use the phone less starts tomorrow).  Hope you have a great day!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Just sitting here watching the wrap up after sitting here, glued to the tv and following updates on my phone all day of the events in Boston.  WOW!  What a week it's been!

In many ways I'm heartened and humbled at the American spirit.  I'm also comforted at the great police work of all the departments involved at the quick resolution.

However, I can't help but sit here and think about what drove these guys to do this horrible act.  Here are two men who had everything going for them.  One spoke three languages (heck, I'm still trying to learn English!) and was a successful boxer with aspirations of making the US Olympic team.  The other had his whole life ahead of him raised in America, a good wrestler, less than a year ago went through the rigorous steps of becoming an American citizen and enrolled in college to become an engineer.  Both by all descriptions were good people and gregarious. All who knew them were shocked they could do such a heinous act. What changed and triggered such a murderous rampage?  Was it religion (both were Muslim)?  Hopefully answers are forthcoming.

My thoughts and prayers and with the victims and the families of those who were injured and lost their lives.  It was so senseless and my heart goes out to them.

I am also thinking those in West, Texas where a fertilizer plant exploded causing deadly damage and injures more than 170.  Thoughts and prayers are with them as well.

And I have to say that no matter where you live, first responders do not receive the recognition and honor they deserve!  My definition of a hero is the one that knows the danger yet runs to the rescue without regard to their own safety.  That is what they do for living for such a minimal wage.  I remember a fire at my house. My daughter and I were running to get out and these guys pull up, put on masks and go into a house that reached temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees to put it out and be sure no one was left inside.  They do these acts and much more every day!  We owe them such a debt!  Let me say here (I know I don't say it enough).....THANKS!

There's still a lot of healing to do for the victims and families.  Once the cameras and media are all gone and our attention is directed elsewhere, let us resolve that we'll be there to help and encourage them every step of the way!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

This was inspiring!  I guess I'm just an old softie but this brought a teat to my eye in pride as the crowd took over singing the national anthem at the Boston Bruins game.
It has been a long week already and it's only Thursday. The bombings in Boston, ricin filled letters sent to the President and a senator and now the explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas.  It has been troubling to say the least.  My, along with yours, heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Just as troubling is the thought that our senators and congressmen don't have our best interests at heart.  Depending on the poll, 85 to 95% of us feel that background checks are important yet the Senate failed to pass the bill to make it happen.  No, it is not the magic bullet to solve the problem but it's a step in the right direction.  It goes to show you just how out of touch Congress is with the American people.

Locally, our representatives are all retired or about to.  Their kids are grown, most are established in business and have no interest in making the community grow.  They are content and already have health insurance, no kids to get through school and well established.  They have no clue that there are folks out here hurting, living paycheck to paycheck struggling to get by trying to keep the electricity on and food on the table.

What's the answer?  It has to come from us at the poll come election time.  Need I say more?

Just a few thoughts and some venting.   Hope you have a great day and share a smile!


Monday, April 8, 2013

This is something kinda new for me. I haven't done a blog in several years as I used to do one every day when I was radio full time. Since then, things have been so squirrelly with some health problems and adjusting to managing a retail store full time (getting older is a bear!).  It doesn't seem like that long ago but it's been 3 years since I'be done a show full time on the air. Gosh, where does the time go?

I'm asked a lot if I miss it. The answer is yes and no.  I miss being creative and interacting with you the listener but don't miss the rat race that corporate radio has become.  There's nothing local anymore as everything is prerecorded or piped in from elsewhere. A couple of stations try to provide as much as they can but the talent is overwhelmed trying to do so many stations.  The control rooms are empty.  If you need information (weather, emergencies, etc.) don't tune to a radio station! There's no one there!  It's sad but all things change and there's still many growing pains radio has to go through to survive.

In the interim so much water has gone under the bridge. It's hard to believe! But life is good and I've adjusted to being out of the limelight pretty well. I say that knowing full well that I am probably more visible at the store than I ever was as far as meeting face to face.  I am always humbled that a day does not go by that someone recognizes me or my voice.  It just amazes me!  I can't thank the Good Lord enough as I have been so blessed!

I watched the American Music Awards last night and was blown away at seeing Luke Bryan on stage as a co-host! It was an amazing show and enjoyed all of the entertainment. And to see Luke win was just the icing on the cake! But the best was to see both Garth Brooks and George Strait together on stage. What a magic moment!

I just spent my morning going over finances and doing taxes.  I have put it off for quite a while as I have really been in a good mood and didn't want to mess it up. LOL! Usually at this point my nerves are pretty frazzled and I am ready for a long stiff drink.  But today was different as all went pretty smooth and taxes are filed.  Add on that I actually have a few bucks left in my account! YEA!  Thank God for small blessings!

I have the day off and am ready for some relaxation.  Going to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather we have today.

Smile and make someone's day special! Have a good one!